Armbruster Award. Named for John H. Armbruster, one of the founders of the Jaycee movement in the United States, this award recognizes outstanding Jaycees who have been a member for at least 18 months. Each state may select one person each year to compete for the Armbruster award at the nation level, to be presented at the National Convention.

Blue Chip. A nationally sponsored program that encourages chapters to construct and follow a comprehensive Business Plan including a budget, membership survey, assessment of current strengths and weaknesses, and a Plan of Action.

Brownfield Award. Named for C. William Brownfield, author of the Jaycee Creed, this award recognizes an outstanding Jaycee who has been a member for fewer than eighteen months. Winners of the annual award at the state level can then compete for the national award at the National Convention.

Chapter Plan. A chapter’s goals and plans for achievement developed each year by the Board of Directors and members.

Convention. Held in a regular basis, conventions offer Jaycees from around the state the opportunity to meet other Jaycees, recognize outstanding achievement, elect state officers, participate in planning workshops and training sessions, and socialize with other Jaycees.

CPG (Chairperson’s Planning Guide). The CPG is a plan for a project. The CPG consists of two parts: the initial portion consists of the pre-planning work needed for the event, and the Final portion consists of an evaluation of the results of the project. The CPG becomes the official document of the project and is the basis for project awards given out at convention.

Leaderboard and Degrees. A 10-step “career path” for members, providing a sequence of events to be followed, including chairing projects, holding positions on the Board, and recruiting new members.

Distinguished Service Award. Presented to up to five individual annually who are of Jaycee age, this award recognizes members of the community who have shown exceptional leadership qualities, an outstanding record of personal achievement and excellent service to the community. Winners can be submitted for consideration as one of the annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA).

Extension. The process of forming a new Jaycee Chapter.

First Timers. Program for first-time attendees to convention, designed to give members an opportunity to meet Jaycees from other chapters and learn about the state organization.

Jaycee Creed. Statement of philosophy and beliefs of the Jaycee organization that was written by C. William Brownfield. Recited at the close of meetings and other functions.

JCI (Junior Chamber International). Junior Chamber International, the worldwide Junior Chamber organization operates in more than 100 countries and territories. JCI’s purpose is to provide a medium for JC Organizations around the world to communicate ideas, exchange cultures, and come together to share, “the brotherhood of man”. All members of local Jaycee chapters are automatically members of JCI.

JCI Senator. The highest honor which can be bestowed by JCI upon a current or former member in recognition of his/her contributions to the Junior Chamber. A JCI Senator is a life member of JCI.

ON-TO. A slogan used in promoting attendance at a Junior Chamber meeting. Usually used in connection with a statewide meeting or The U.S. Junior Chamber Annual Meeting.

JCI Training Program. A series of presentation and training seminars offered by JCI Certified Trainers.

Project. The project is the heart of Jaycee activities. Whether it’s hosting a national softball tournament, visiting a nursing home, learning business skills, or a having fun at a membership social, any planned gathering of Jaycees is a project.

District. A group of chapters, located within a set geographical area. The Kentwood Chapter is part of District 2.

Robert’s Rules of Order. A guidebook of parliamentary procedure originally written by General Henry A. Robert (U.S. Army) in 1874. These rules provide for the protection of the rights of the majority, the rights of the minority, the rights of individuals and the rights of those absent, in the conduct of meetings.

SpeakUp & WriteUp. Contestants take one line from the Jaycee Creed and compose a 5-7 minute speech or a 500-word essay. Several rounds of competition take place throughout the year, culminating in the crowning of state and then national champions.

TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans). A program recognizing outstanding citizens under 40, and they do not need to be Jaycees. Chapters nominate and recognize individuals locally, and those nominees compete at the state and national levels. At the International level, this award is called the Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP).

Visitation. The act of attending another chapter’s project. At least three members must attend and sign in in order to receive credit for a visitation.